Thanks for coming to the site. 

Latest video: http://youtu.be/aSQSEOXUNS0

Latest track:  Laukoo is up on Bandcamp: http://kellydavid.bandcamp.com/track/laukoo

Give it a stream. Inspired by the forbidding and forlorn jungles of 20th century Burma.

My new collaboration with Steve Roach, "The Long Night" is out. You can get it from Steve's website: www.steveroach.com. Many thanks to my dear friend, Steve Roach. Each recording session with him is a free expression of joy, as well as a learning experience. I'm looking forward to his new release from his LA Dome shows.

Next up for me:  A mediation in green inspired by travels through the Mekong River Delta of Vietnam.  Lots of gongs, wood and modular synth. Stay tuned. 

My first two CD's, Broken Voyage and Angkor, are available on the left-hand side of this page. You can also get them from www.steveroach.com. Feel free to listen to both CD's on the player below.

For digital you can also go to the iTunes store. 

More free music to stream coming soon.

I appreciate you being here.


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